Woordnacht 2014


Ninety authors, thirty locations, one evening. That is Woordnacht: a new literary festival organized by the entire literature sector of Rotterdam. The festival programme included more than sixty items that took place at venues throughout the night at the Rotterdam literary axle: from Central Station to the riverbank of the Maas.

The entire letter Rotterdam sector had joined forces for Woordnacht. Established organizations such as Passionate Bulkboek and Poetry International, as well as platforms focused on contemporary word art as Paginagroots, Woorden Worden ZinnenPoetry Circle 010 and the Rotterdam HipHopHuis participated. All presented performances by young writers, poets and collectives with dancers, VJs and animators. On other stages singer-songwriters and bands have been programmed, as well as lectures, interviews, debates, talk shows, theatrical readings, exhibitions and literary walks.

Woordnacht is co-produced by Stichting de Loodsen, for which I supported as event producer.

May 10, 2014
Rotterdam, the Netherlands




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