About me


My name is Sissy.
From my early ages on, I have a special interest for art and culture, in a broad sense. From playing music and dancing, to visiting museums and festivals, but also exploring culture from a social point of view. This is also why I like to travel that much and love to look for opportunities around the world.

After years of finding out what I have to offer, I find myself in the ultimate position as Project & Event Manager / Executive Producer. Having my own company as a freelancer, it allows me to enjoy all different kinds of projects that I come across.

To have a beginning and an end, working from A to Z, that is what I love about on a project-oriented way of working. I like to work in an organized and structured way with a small team in a dynamic environment, 24/7. I am able to have the overview and control of the planning, while still multitasking and keeping an eye on the financial limits. I have the ability to translate a creative process and vision to a visible and tangible result that can be understood and enjoyed by both the team and visitors. Aspects of experience includes the licensing/permit process, hiring and directing staff, organizing the entire look and feel of the event, and all related administrative matters and logistics regarding the execution.

On this website you find all projects I have been working on.
Please feel free to contact me!